Important Questions to Ask About Durham Salon Suite Rentals

Important things to know about salon suite rentals in Durham

Each week I speak with stylists, barbers, estheticians, nail techs and many other beauty professionals that are thinking about moving to a Durham salon suites for the first time. We understand that this is an incredibly important decision and that you absolutely should ask a lot of questions about the new facility because it will be important that the new suite works well for you, your clients and your business.

Here are some of the questions that I hear the most when talking with people about salons suite rental.

What does it cost to lease a salon suite?

Most salon suites will set the price based on the size of the unit and the location within the facility. Typically externally facing suites with windows will be more expensive. In the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area we’ve seen rates range from $200 to $350 for single units and $400 to $500 for double units.

How long is the lease for a salon suite?

Leasing a salon suite is a big investment for both the suite owner and the facility operator. Because of that most salon suite leases will last between one or two years.

How much is the deposit?

Most salon suite facilities will require a deposit equal to one week’s rent.

What is included in rent?

You should expect to have 24x7x365 access to your suite. Some facilities aren’t able to support this because of the building that they are located in. However most will grant you access during business hours at a minimum.

What is the salon suite layout like?

Ideally your salon suite should have plenty of storage and a countertop for your tools. There should also be a backwash in your salon suite with room for you to access it on either side or from behind.

How do I apply for a salon suite lease?

Start by contacting us to schedule a call and a tour of Wanderlux Salon Suites. Click here and we will call or email based on your preference. Where ever you are looking we recommend that you ask the questions above, schedule a tour and ask to speak with current salon suite owners.

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