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Are you interested in owning an awesome suite in a convenient location in South Durham near Southpoint Mall? It’s easy and affordable. Find out how we can help you have more success with your clients and more fun in your beauty career at Wanderlux Salon Suites.
We’d love for you to bring your skills and expertise to the Wanderlux Team! It’s easy to join Wanderlux. And there will be absolutely no pressure to join when you contact us.

  1. Send an email:

  2. Set up an appointment

  3. Select a suite

  4. Complete your application (we’ll email it to you)

  5. Sign lease agreement and make deposit

  6. Move in and love working for yourself!

Start getting to know WanderLux better by contacting us here:

Stylist FAQ

Leasing a Suite

Q: How do I lease a suite?

A: It’s easy: call or email to set up a meeting, complete the application (we’ll email you a link), pick a suite, sign the lease and submit a deposit (equal to one week’s rent).

Q: What are your lease terms?

A: We’re flexible.  Because we’re local and family owned we will work with you on the terms.  Typically they are 12 months or longer.

Q: Can I share my suite with a friend?

A: Absolutely.  We do have two remaining dual suites.  However some stylists choose to share a single-sized suite.  They simply schedule alternating days or times to see their clients.  Let us know if you want to do this and we’ll help make it work for you!

Q: What does it cost?

A: Individual suites start at around $200.  But what do you get?  A gorgeous, brand new, fully furnished suite.  Secure keyless 24×7 access. 5 star location with beautiful views.  And yes, you can have a premier destination suite for around $200.   


Q: Do you have a lot of hot water?

A: Glad you asked.  We’ve invested a lot in the infrastructure that supports your business.  Our water system was designed with excess capacity AND with a unique hot water circulating system that keeps hot water at that tap 24×7.  No more waiting for hot water and then scalding your poor hands.  

Q: Do you have Wifi and Cable?

A: Yes.  We provide wifi service.  Each suite is also equipped with cable for you to use if you choose.  You’ll need to supply the TV. 

Q: Do you have a dedicated color processing area?

A: Why yes!  We do.  We insisted on this because as professional stylists we know how beneficial it would be to double book without crowding our suite.  Your clients will be free to lounge in the color processing area (with TV), or the foyer or event the furnished patio.  Wait, did we say furnished patio?  Yes, it’s true.

Q: Tell me more about that patio.

A: WanderLux is located in a mid-sized Class A mixed use complex.  One side of our building faces a green space that will not be developed.  On that side of the building we have a 90′ by 12′ long concrete patio.  When the weather is nice we will furnish the patio for your guests to enjoy.


Q: Who pays for the utilities?

A: We do.


Q: Will WanderLux promote me on their website?

A: Yes. We believe that a strong web presence helps beauty professionals grow and maintain their clientele.  All WanderLux professionals get a fully built profile in the directory.  The directory includes a description, photo and links to your scheduling tools and social profiles (based on YOUR preferences).  Optionally we will develop a page dedicated to you that will help you attract more great clients.  Your page will be hosted with your name (first, last, or business) similar to this:

Interested in a suite or a share?


We’d love to talk with you. We are currently fully leased but we do have the opportunity to share a suite and units will be come available soon.  Please email us at


24x7 Secure Access

Free Wifi

All Utilities

Instant on Hot Water

Owner Lounge

Free Washer/Dryer Access (2x)

Color Processing Rooms

Common Area Cleaning

Online Owner Profile & Page

Flexible Lease Terms

LLC & Business License Guidance


Suite Sharing Options

Online Booking & Marketing Tools

Income Calculator

Check this out if you are currently working in a commission salon.

Here’s a real-world example of how much more money you can make with your own suite at WanderLux Salon Suites.

Let’s say you generate $4000 per month in service revenue for your current salon owner, and sell $1000 worth of product, and let’s assume that you earn 45% service commission and 10% product commission.  If you worked for your self at WanderLux, and all things being equal, you could be making around 90% more EVERY MONTH!