Genderless Pricing, Hair Cuts, Natural Color, Short Hair, University Hill
About This Project

Molly Gray

Master Stylist
Wanderlux Suites University Hill
3105 Shannon Rd
Durham, NC 27707

Molly has been a hairdresser for 7 years. She is so grateful to have a creative career that never feels like work.


Molly strives to create a safe, comfy, welcoming environment. She loves helping her guests (who feel like friends) decide how they want to show up in the world. Molly likes taking the time to understand who you are, what’s important to you, and how you feel.


She wants your appointment to feel supportive, affirming, and collaborative. Molly is in your corner and will help you feel like the best, truest version of yourself!

Molly is not currently taking any new clients.