Southpoint, Tattoo
About This Project

Jessica Goldstein

Tattoo Artist
Wanderlux Suites – Southpoint
7104 NC-751
Durham, NC 27707

Jessica started her apprenticeship in 2014 and has been in the tattoo industry ever since. Having started in Chicago she was exposed to a wide variety of clientele and tattoo styles. After moving down to North Carolina, she continued striving to be able to focus on black and grey realism styled tattoos along with neo-traditional. Her education in fine arts painting from IUPUI and UNCG has helped her to excel in tattooing even more. With a deeper understanding of light and shadows she is able to create depth in her pieces. Along with a great understanding of color, what colors work well together, why, etc. she’s able to add vibrancy to her color pieces. Jessica makes sure to continue painting as much as she can while tattooing in order to allow both art practices to bounce off of each other and consistently flourish in both.

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