About Wanderlux

WanderLux is the premier salon suite environment in the Triangle. Built BY stylists FOR stylists AND their guests.  Gorgeous, convenient, affordable and much more…

Ten years ago I started my own full service salon, you may have heard about it: The Garden Salon. At the Garden I learned how to help young stylists become great stylists, teaching them both technical and business skills to help them throughout their careers. Together we have helped thousands of Triangle residents look their best. We’ve done great but I’ll be honest… salon ownership is not all glamorous and it is actually really, really, REALLY hard to do well. It was this realization that caused me to seek a new way to serve stylists AND their customers.  

You are probably already familiar with the salon suite concept. Personally, I’m not content with “business as usual.” I’ve used my experience behind the chair and working with stylists like yourself to develop a truly unique suite environment. Yes, it will be beautiful and functional, but it will also be easier than ever before – for YOU to succeed at YOUR business.  Our suites are a service designed specially to help you be successful.

I’m confident that you will love it.  And I’m equally confident that your clients will love you for making the decision to join us in this new endeavor.

Do you think you might have what it takes to succeed?  I’ll show you that you do have what it takes. Send an email or call for a confidential discussion about your options with Wanderlux.

My email address is: info@wanderluxsuites.com

I can’t wait to work next to you!

Better Than Booth Rent

WanderLux is more than a sink-or-swim booth rent.  It’s also better than a corporate franchise suite.  Here’s why…

Now that you’ve established your reputation and built a strong client base you’re faced with the difficult decision of where to go next?  We were in that position once too and we became discouraged because we only found crowded rows of rental chairs and tiny corporate suites.  That’s when we decided to build a destination that WE would want to work in: spacious suites, tons of windows, gorgeous furnitures and, of course, family (not corporate) run.

Don’t be shy.  Get the suite that you DESERVE.  Call or txt: 919-808-5094 or even email… info@wanderluxsuites.com.

For The Client

For the beauty professional, the Wanderlux suite is more than just four walls and a ceiling. We’re doing something special for them. We also are doing something special for their guests, like you:

  • We sought-out the strongest professionals in our community to with diverse backgrounds and skills: cuts, colors, barbers, certified massage therapists. You’ll find the best, here, at Wanderlux.
  • We won’t box you in. We built Wanderlux to be functional and gorgeous with flowing hallways that lead you through common areas. We have tons of windows and we even have a large patio that will feature a lounge area when the weather is nice.
  • We have dedicated color processing area and indoor/outdoor lounge areas so that you have the options before, during and after your visit.
  • And so much more…

We encourage you to support your local, independent beauty professional at WanderLux. Read their profiles, book online or just visit any time!